4h sampleradiopsascripts

Make a few copies of the sample student PSA scripts and storyboards for students to share:

4h sampleradiopsascripts

Talk to your doctor about getting tested. CDC recommends people at risk, including individuals born in Asia and Africa, get tested for hepatitis B. Talk to your doctor about getting tested — it could save your life. It could save your life. Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer.

People can live with Hepatitis C for decades without having symptoms or feeling sick. Hepatitis C — General 30 seconds Did you know that hepatitis is a leading cause of liver cancer?

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This disease often has no symptoms so, talk to your doctor to see if you are at risk. May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. Early detection can save lives. Hepatitis C — General 30 seconds Do you know about hepatitis C?

People can live with hepatitis C for decades without having symptoms or feeling sick. Talk to your doctor. Hepatitis C testing is not part of routine blood work.

This disease often has no symptoms. General Viral Hepatitis Viral Hepatitis: Risk Assessment 30 seconds Chronic hepatitis is a leading cause of liver cancer and liver transplants in the U S.

4h sampleradiopsascripts

Millions of Americans are living with chronic hepatitis, and most do not know they are infected. Visit w w w dot cdc dot gov slash hepatitis slash risk assessment. People can live for decades without symptoms, but over time, chronic hepatitis can cause serious health problems. Quick Links to Hepatitis ….

· Submit these PSA scripts to the public affairs director of your local radio and television stations. Request that the station’s on-air personalities read these r-bridal.com · Web view. · [Type a quote from the document or the 1 summary of an interesting point. You National Prevention Week – Sample Live-Read Radio Scripts live-read radio script.

We all have a role to play in preventing substance abuse and promoting mental health in our r-bridal.com://r-bridal.com /files/r-bridal.com  · Sample 5-minute Broadcast Script. Uploaded by. Conielyn Montilla. RADIO SCRIPT DZRS THE EXPOSE JULY 28, [email protected] MUSIC INTRO OBB: NEWS WITH NO BIAS.

EXPOSED! NEWS WITH NO EXCEPTION. EXPOSED! DUTCH POLICE TRAVELS TO M-H SEVENTEEN SITE. HEADLINE STINGER page 1 of 6 ANCHOR 2: FOR THE LOCAL NEWS, r-bridal.com  · Radio PSA Scripts ANNOUNCER V/O: What would you think if your doctor used the phrase “Stage 4” when talking about your health?

For many illnesses, Stage 4 means r-bridal.com - Radio. Upcoming Events Oklahoma Unwanted Pesticide Disposal Program Woodward County Fairgrounds, Temple Houston Drive, Woodward, OK, Sep 26, Commodity Marketing Meeting - September Sep 26, Tulsa State Fair Sep 27, Jackson County Ambassador Fun Day OSU Extension Office.

· Props: Microphones (Characters each have one and are sitting in a half circle. You can make it look like a radio station. In a radio show you read all that is in the script to describe the r-bridal.com

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