An analysis of conflict and the fatal shooting of michael brown

Posted on December 17, by Scott Alexander I. Some old news I only just heard about: PETA is offering to pay the water bills for needy Detroit families if and only if those families agree to stop eating meat. Predictably, the move caused a backlash.

An analysis of conflict and the fatal shooting of michael brown

A video released by police shows Van Dyke shooting the teenager 16 times. Van Dyke is an extreme example of a pattern of unnecessary deadly force used by US police.

American police kill a few people each daymaking them far more deadly than police in Europe.

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Historic rates of fatal police shootings in Europe suggest that American police in were 18 times more lethal than Danish police and times more lethal than Finnish police, plus they killed significantly more frequently than police in France, Sweden and other European countries.

As a scholar of sociology and criminal justice, I recently set out to understand why rates of police lethality in the US are so much higher than rates in Europe. Unlike European nationsmost states make it easy for adults to purchase handguns for self-defense and to keep them handy at nearly all times.

Acquiring guns illegally in the US is not much harder. American police are primed to expect guns. The specter of gun violence may make them prone to misidentifying or magnifying threats like cellphones and screwdrivers.

It may make American policing more dangerous and combat-oriented. It also fosters police cultures that emphasize bravery and aggression. Americans armed with less-lethal weapons like knives — and even those known to be unarmed — are also more likely to be killed by police.

Yet the rates of these deaths alone exceed total known deadly force rates in any European county. Knife violence is a big problem in Englandyet British police have fatally shot only one person wielding a knife since — a hostage-taker.

By comparison, my calculations based on data compiled by fatalencounters. Racism helps explain why African Americans and Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to police violence.

An explanation may be found in a key distinguishing characteristic of American policing — its localism. Some underresourced departments may perform some of these critical tasks poorly. British police have fatally shot only one person wielding a knife since US police have fatally shot more than people allegedly wielding blades and other such weapons just in the years since By contrast, as a rule, towns and cities in Europe do not finance their own police forces.

The municipal police that do exist are generally unarmed and lack arrest authority.

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As a result, the only armed police forces that citizens routinely encounter in Europe are provincial the counterpart to state police in the USregional Swiss cantons or national. It also facilitates the rapid translation of insights about deadly force prevention into enforceable national mandates.

An analysis of conflict and the fatal shooting of michael brown

State laws regulating deadly force — in the 38 states where they exist — are almost always as permissive as Supreme Court precedent allowsor more so. A different standard The Conversation Annual fatal police shootings per million residents.

Data are based on most recent available.

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For example, the unfounded fear of Darren Wilson — the former Ferguson cop who fatally shot Michael Brown — that Brown was armed would not have likely absolved him in Europe. In Europe, killing is considered unnecessary if alternatives exist. For example, national guidelines in Spain would have prescribed that Wilson incrementally pursue verbal warnings, warning shots, and shots at nonvital parts of the body before resorting to deadly force.

Six shots would likely be deemed disproportionate to the threat that Brown, unarmed and wounded, allegedly posed. In the US, only eight states require verbal warnings when possiblewhile warning and leg shots are typically prohibited. In stark contrast, Finland and Norway require that police obtain permission from a superior officer, whenever possible, before shooting anyone.

Not only do centralized standards in Europe make it easier to restrict police behavior, but centralized training centers efficiently teach police officers how to avoid using deadly weapons.

The Netherlands, Norway and Finland, for example, require police to attend a national academy — a college for cops — for three years. In Norway, over 5, applicants recently competed for the annual spots. Three years affords police ample time to learn to better understand, communicate with and calm distraught individuals.

By contrast, inUS police academies provided an average of 19 weeks of classroom instruction. Most states require fewer than eight hours of crisis intervention training.

Desperate and potentially dangerous people in Europe are, therefore, more likely than their American counterparts to encounter well-educated and restrained police officers."The Salvation Army serves a vital need for the most vulnerable populations in our community.

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George Michael Zimmerman was born in Manassas, Virginia and is the son of Gladys (née Mesa) Zimmerman, born in Peru, and Robert Zimmerman Sr., a retired Virginia magistrate. At the time of the shooting, Zimmerman was employed as an insurance fraud investigator.

He had been working toward an associate degree in criminal justice at Seminole State College. Aug 12,  · Michael Brown Is Shot An year-old teenager, Michael Brown, is shot and killed on Saturday by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are in dispute.

An analysis of conflict and the fatal shooting of michael brown

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