Argument essay on freedom

His father was a master harness maker, and his mother was the daughter of a harness maker, though she was better educated than most women of her social class. Pietism was an evangelical Lutheran movement that emphasized conversion, reliance on divine grace, the experience of religious emotions, and personal devotion involving regular Bible study, prayer, and introspection. Leibniz — was then very influential in German universities. But Kant was also exposed to a range of German and British critics of Wolff, and there were strong doses of Aristotelianism and Pietism represented in the philosophy faculty as well.

Argument essay on freedom

I will show that freedom depends on the ability to support oneself. Then, I will show that it follows that property is needed for one to support oneself. Freedom is having independence, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Those teenagers want freedom from their parents. A person supports themselves by providing themselves with their necessities. It is a common know fact that necessities are food, shelter, and clothing and that these necessities are all tangible objects.

Argument essay on freedom

Food, shelter, and clothes are all property because they need to be owned by someone in order for them to be used. This argument was stated by John Locke in his The Second Treatise of Government and supported by many college political science professors, like.

Food, water, and shelter cannot be anything but property, because they need to be possessed to be used. Sharing is not a primal instinct for animals. For example, it is common knowledge that you cannot be around a dog when it eats.

The reason according to veterinarians is that the dog is very protective of its food, because the food is its property, and it is not its instinct to share it.

It does not make sense for everyone to share, because it is simply impossible to ask every person in the world if it is alright to pick an apple, for example. Nothing is actually shared, because the giver must have achieved it in some way.

John Locke says that something becomes property because we work to use it.

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To eat an apple from a tree, you must pick it. You do not ask every other person in the world if it is okay to do this, you just do it.

To reiterate, to have freedom is to have independence. One cannot have independence without being able to fulfill needs. To fulfill needs, one needs property. Thus, to have freedom one needs property. Freedom is not possible without property, because you cannot have independence without property.

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Freedom Argument - Essay

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