Business plan for martial arts

Our students bring unique skills and backgrounds to the mat every week.

Business plan for martial arts

Since Mike and David are bitter enemies, Lillian tells them that either one of them could be the little girl's father, so they both go out on their own to rescue the kidnapped child. While Lillian deals with her conniving ga y Uncle Francis Greg Lewis to scrape together the ransom money, Mike and David do their separate investigations, which leads them to the same person: When the manager ends up dead, Mike and David reluctantly agree to work together in their common goal to rescue what each believes to be his daughter.

That doesn't mean that they don't get into the occasional dust-up with each other, though. After following a tip that the helicopter pilot hangs out at a bar business plan for martial arts by mercenaries I smell a bar fight!

They rescue a young prostitute, who gives them their next clue to the location of the little girl. That location is a warehouse where Xavier holds illegal martial arts competitions. It's also where the little girl is being held. Mike and David get themselves into a pickle when they are captured and forced to fight each other to the death by Xavier.

They are saved by a private detective hired by Howard, who grabs the little girl and takes off without them. The finale finds that the kidnapping was actually orchestrated by Howard, who plans on killing Lillian and her daughter in order to inherit Lillian's family fortune.

Mike and David arrive in the nick of time and foil the plot, but the question remains: Who is the father, Mike or David? I'm afraid we never find out, as the film majorly cops-out in the final scene.

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This Philippines-lensed actioner suffers immensely from the outrageously bad acting talents of Dale "Apollo" Cook misspelled "Appollo" in the opening creditswho spends the majority of his screen time emoting with a toothpick between his teeth, and bulky Evan Lurie, whose monotone line delivery not to mention hair so oily, Saudi Arabia might want to look into drilling into his head makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look Shakespearean in comparison.

Some of the action scenes are quite lively, as people are thrown through doors and windows, riddled with bullets lots of bloody squibs or simply beaten to a pulp, but believe me when I tell you this: Director Jodi could have made a much better film if he simply made his two actors mute and had them communicating with each other using sign language, although I'm sure that many middle fingers would have to be shown.

business plan for martial arts

The fact that we never find out who the little girl's father is also hurt my opinion of the film. In the end, we're led to believe that Mike, David and Lillian live happily ever after, neither man anxious to find out who is the real father I suspected this was coming when, earlier in this film, Mike and David discover they have the same blood type.

I hate films that promise something and then fail to deliver. A Vidmark Entertainment Release. Not available on DVD. Ko has taken some unreleased Hong Kong gangster film, inserted newly-shot footage featuring Caucasian actors including Mike Abbott and Mark Watson and rejiggered the plot.

The Key to Writing a Successful Martial Arts Business Plan

The core of the story concerns gangster Peter Lin, who is working in concert with Barton Abbott to take over the territory of female crime boss Helen Mo Juliet Chan. Charlie, who is working with unemployed ex-cop John Foley Watsoninfiltrates Peter's gang with plans on killing Peter and Barton, who killed Charlie's best frie nd Sam and stole a briefcase full of money that Sam was delivering to Helen.

With me so far? It get's more confusing. Every twenty minutes or so, John Foley can be seen getting into fights with Barton's white goons and either beats them with his fists or guns them down. Arthur, another unemployed guy working with Charlie, goes to work for Helen as an enforcer When Helen tells him that her main business is in the "service" industry, making men happy, Arthur says, "You want me to service men?!

Peter and Barton take notice and they order their men to kill Arthur, but they fail miserably every time they try.

Arthur and some of Helen's goons go to Peter's casino and clear it out when they light some phony sticks of TNT!Master Instructor, David Arnebeck, has taught reality based MMA since He is the founder of the Warrior's Cove Gyms & the Shinbudo MMA System. The martial arts business plan takes at least 3 hours to fill out, so take your time.

Below is a 4-page free PDF martial arts business plan template that we put together. If you’re starting a studio, it will help guide you as you move through the businesses phases.

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There’s plenty of good reasons that millions of people aroundthe world study martial arts. Besides the fact you canget a great workout when you study a martial art.

Martial Arts & Karate Business Plan Download.

Learn how to strategically plan your dojo from people who are experts in martial arts and business finance.

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