Cardiology case studies for medical students

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Cardiology case studies for medical students

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Mastering the cognitive knowledge within a field such as cardiology is a formidable task. It is even more difficult to draw on that knowledge, procure and filter through the clinical and laboratory data, develop a differential diagnosis, and, finally, to make a rational treatment plan.

Cardiology case studies for medical students

To gain these skills, the student learns best at the bedside, guided and instructed by experienced teachers, and inspired toward selfdirected, diligent reading. Clearly, there is no replacement for education at the bedside.

Unfortunately, clinical situations rarely encompass the breadth of the specialty. Perhaps the best alternative is a carefully crafted patient case designed to stimulate the clinical approach and the decision-making process.

In an attempt to achieve that goal, we have constructed a collection of clinical vignettes to teach diagnostic or therapeutic approaches relevant to cardiology. In this age of technology and high-definition imaging, we would like to reinforce the importance of the history and physical examination.

We urge that students diligently read through this area in Section I of the book, and practice their skills.

We likewise urge our peer colleagues to spend time demonstrating to students and trainees how to properly perform the physical exam maneuvers. We hope that our cases will stimulate excitement for the clinical care of patients.

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Most importantly, the explanations for the cases emphasize the mechanisms and underlying principles, rather than merely rote questions and answers.

This book is organized for versatility: The answers are arranged from simple to complex:Case History: year-old female complaining of sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and the sensation of a lump underneath her tongue.

Watch videos and case studies and read the latest science on this hot topic. ESC Clinical Cases Students, cardiologists or anyone wanting to refresh their clinical competence can test their knowledge through these cases.

Since the purpose is an education in general cardiology, case scenarios should not deal with very rare . Clinical Cases in Cardiology Dr. Ihab Suliman 2. A year-old man with a medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and coronary artery disease presented with transient, painless visual obscuration in the left eye, Challenges in Clinical Cardiology: A Case-Based Update Mesa Community College provides outstanding transfer and career and technical programs, workforce development, and life-long learning opportunities to residents of the East Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona.

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It was developed by Stephanie Zachary and Sarah Weicker, medical students at the University of British Columbia, along with Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Carolyn Beck, who are the lead authors of this CPS statement, as well as Dr. Lauren Kitney.

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