Cause and effect on failing a course

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Cause and effect on failing a course

This post goes against the social conditioning on education and is particularly lengthy: As my high school career is slowly coming to an end I graduate June 11th I have found myself particularly reflective on the value I have received from high-school.

I end my high school career with a sub-par 2. A ,having never received a prestigious academic award, and a quick glance at my attendance record would reveal numerous absences OK 32 days just this year.

If I listen to what I have been socially conditioned to believe: I beg to differ. Chasing The A For most of my life along with millions of other students I have been taught to believe that the secret to a successful life is to get outstanding grades. Slowly over the years however, I have discovered this premise to be completely false.

We can be as happy and as successful as we choose to be. Our attitude, not our grades, determines our success. Life is our greatest mentor. Continually brain-washing students into believing good grades are essential in living a successful life, has had some disastrous consequences: Students are more stressed then ever.

Cheating has become increasingly rampant. M in order to stay a float. Millions of kids with incredible potential are left to die educationally speaking never realizing their true potential.

That is get good grades.

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We can live our purpose today. It does teach us the basic necessities. However, much of what we learn in school is not practical in the real world. Where are the courses on blogging? Where are the money management courses? Where are the classes dedicated to eradicate poverty?

Where are the classes that help us find our purpose? Our current education system places too much emphasis on the A and not enough emphasis on unleashing the promise that lies in each and every one of us.

Education Through Reading And Experience One of the most startling shortcomings of our current education system, is the lack of relevant reading.

We are forced to read A. All this does is encourage a distaste for reading. Then they will just be reading the latest trash. The progress of humanity depends on it.If you show there is an effect without a cause, it weakens the cause and effect relationship.

effect without the cause or cause without the effect. Source: every prep course I have ever seen. If you are saying smoking causes cancer, it's not sometimes. the causal relationship is established if failing the performance review results in.

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Debt is an efficient tool. It ensures access to other peoples’ raw materials and infrastructure on the cheapest possible terms.

Cause and effect on failing a course

Dozens of countries must compete for shrinking export markets and can export only a limited range of products because of Northern protectionism and their lack of . Failing a course in collegen is a situation of many students in college have experienced.

As a student, receiving a "D" in a class is left me feeling like a failure, and for the lack of a better word, stupid.A failing grade is not randomly dealt, however, as there are several factors that lead to a student receiving an "F".Most of the time these factors can be pointed out and cause and effect.

Whether or not a raised blood pressure can cause plaques to form is a moot point. One can see that a high blood pressure may cause endothelial damage, but the evidence from blood pressure lowering trials shows zero impact on the rate of death from CHD So, I think the jury is out on this one.

The Arab / Islamic culture of shame and pride. The culture of shame Who is our enemy?, by Steven Den Beste - Their hate is not based on is not based on . The sunk cost effect is manifested in a greater tendency to continue an endeavor once an investment in money, effort, or time has been made.

Evidence that the psychological justification for this behavior is predicated on the desire not to appear wasteful is presented.

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