Computer projects

This is a way for students to learn about what other students are interested in and find teammates. If you have more than one idea or interest, feel free to post all of your ideas, but please use different posts with different headers. Submit a one-page project idea.

Computer projects

Make a Social Networking Site The next step up from a one-page web app is a full-blown, database-driven web application, such as a social networking site. A social networking site will typically require a database to hold profiles, a script to generate profile pages, and capacity for user interaction.

Make an E-Commerce Store An e-commerce store is another kind of web application you can make.

Final Year Computer Science Projects

The elements you need for an e-commerce store are similar to that of a social networking site — a database to hold product profiles, a script to generate product pages, and of course a shopping cart feature.

Wordpress E-commerce from Lynda.

MENZO 24V 15A DC Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply W for CCTV, Radio, Computer Project, LED Strip Lights out of 5 stars $ Next. Special offers and product promotions. Your cost could be $ instead of $!Reviews: Implementing a working computer from the ground-up or an existing project is one of the most rewarding and entertaining challenges for FPGAs. The end result of your labor is a computer you can interact with via monitor and keyboard. Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

And not a WordPress or Blogger blog, either. A content management system CMS is like a blog, but designed for permanent web pages rather than journal-like posts.

Resources for creating a mobile app Treehouse offers many courses for mobile app development. It is a very popular alternative to Objective-C. Android Development — Learn the basics and move to the intermediate concepts in this android mobile development track that walks you through the creation of a Crystal Ball app.Grid computing projects.

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While distributed computing functions by dividing a complex problem among diverse and independent computer systems and then combine the result, grid computing works by utilizing a network of large pools of .

Projecting from your Laptop Computer This is a very general document designed to guide you to a successful session of projecting your laptop onto a classroom projection screen or flatscreen TV.

It is critical to the success of projecting a computer image that you follow this procedure in the order outlined below. 10 cool network and computing research projects Idiot-proof wireless smartphone charging, zippier supercomputers and software coding shortcuts among researchers' focus areas in latest well-funded.

Advanced technology has become an important part of early education, and teachers of all grades are applying computer technology to lesson plans to prepare chil.

Computer projects

Differentiated Learning Egyptian Project. Title – Differentiated Learning Egyptian Project By – Natalie Runice Primary Subject – Social Studies Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts, Computers / Internet Grade Level – This is a differentiated learning project that wraps up our study of Egypt.

CSE Projects. Computer science is a branch of engineering that deals with the scientific study of computers and their usage like computation, data processing, systems control,advanced algorithmic properties, and artificial intelligence.

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