Doctoral research in educational technology a directory of dissertations

Thesis A thesis is the only option for students pursuing the Master of Science in Educational Technology degree. Students are required to get advisor permission, write and defend a full proposal, in order to register for thesis credits. Recommended only for strong writers.

Doctoral research in educational technology a directory of dissertations

March 20, Boston Gazette contains an advertisement from Caleb Phillipps, "Teacher of the New Method of Short Hand," advising that any "Persons in the Country desirous to Learn this Art, may by having the several Lessons sent weekly to them, be as perfectly instructed as those that live in Boston.

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Institutionally sponsored distance education began in the United States in at the Illinois Wesleyan University. Foster in Scranton, Pennsylvania and becomes the world's largest study-at-home school.

The University of Wisconsin—Extension [3] was founded, the first true distance learning institution. The Machine Stops a short story by E. Sidney Pressey, an educational psychology professor at Ohio State Universitydevelops the first "teaching machine.

LaZerte, Director of the School of Education, University of Albertadeveloped a set of instructional devices for teaching and learning. Most courses aired at night so that students who worked during the day could watch them.

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By the mids, with about one-third of the station's programming devoted to education, more thansemester hours had been taught on KUHT.

Skinner develops "programmed instruction" [B. SAKI taught keyboard skills and it optimized the rate by which a trainee keyboard operator learned by making the difficulty level of the tasks contingent on the learner's performance. As the learner's performance improved the rate of teaching increased and instructional support was delayed.

Doctoral research in educational technology a directory of dissertations

In the academic year —, White's television physics course was used in many thousands of public school classrooms across the nation in which overstudents were enrolled.

This course already made evident two important characteristics of distance education that carry over to contemporary online instruction: The PLATO system featured multiple roles, including students, who could study assigned lessons and communicate with teachers through on-line notes, instructors, who could examine student progress data, as well as communicate and take lessons themselves, and authors, who could do all of the above, plus create new lessons.

There was also a fourth type of user, called a multiple, which was used for demonstrations of the PLATO system.

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Teaching Machines Inc, a group of psychologists produced a series of programmed learning texts. The texts were based on the work of B. Skinnerbreaking complicated tasks to a one-step-at-a-time activity terminal learning objectives.

Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy Teaching The educational programs of the University and the instructional responsibilities of its faculty are governed by policies, regulations, and procedures set at multiple levels. Most are determined by the individual schools.

With his colleagues at the Stanford Research Institute, Engelbart started to develop a computer system to augment human abilities, including learning. The initial concept of a global information network should be given to J. However, the actual development of the internet must be given to Lawrence G.


It describes a British machine, the Empirical Tutor thus: The article also refers to a language teaching system developed by Professor Rand Morton of Michigan University. A science fiction story in the same Annual, by Brian Aldiss, predicts mobile learning, wearable computing, brain—computer interfacesthe development of personal computing in the nineteen-seventies, and concern over global warming.

The presentation of materials "slide selector" was called an electronic book. The store of information in the system was called an electronic blackboard.

PLATO had a sophisticated help system, whereby different types of wrong answers resulted in the student being sent different help sequences. A rudimentary spell checker was included in the system. A comment page allowed the student to comment on the lessons at any time.

An instructor page allowed the instructor to communicate with the student. A "perfect workbook" recorded student responses to questions, as well as kept a record of each button the student pushed and the time at which he or she pushed it.

These records were stored on magnetic tape for later statistical analysis.

Doctoral research in educational technology a directory of dissertations

The system included course management features and roles for the users such as instructor, manager, and student, and allowed intercommunication among them.

Stanford University participated in the research and development that predated the IBM s release. Ted Nelson uses the terms " hypertext " and " hypermedia " in his paper Complex information processing: It consisted of an arithmetic drill program that "automatically adjusted its level of difficulty as a function of the student's rate of success".Technology Integration and Novice Teachers: Looking at Technology Use of Novice Teachers in the Context of Their First Year of Teaching Ph.D.

thesis, The University of Texas at Austin. Each dissertation is available for check out at the ASU library. Click on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation. Full dissertations can be viewed at .

The Elementary Education specialization is designed for students interested in exploring and contributing to scholarship and teaching related to issues of pedagogy, curriculum design and implementation, school reform, equity and equality, as they relate to elementary schools, classrooms, and educators.

Doctoral Dissertation Ph.D. Research in ECT. Students in ECT conduct research and scholarship continuously through the program, beginning with the candidacy paper in the first year. Doctoral Research in Instructional Design and Technology: A Directory of Dissertations, (Caffarella, ) database of dissertations was used in this study. This database is . Russia Structure of Educational System Admissions to Higher Education and Recognition of Foreign Credentials Student Life International Cooperation and Exchanges.

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A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a system that creates an environment designed to facilitate teachers' management of educational courses for their students, especially a system using computer hardware and software, which involves distance learning. In North America, a virtual learning environment is often referred to as a "learning management system" (LMS).

Writing a dissertation on educational technology can stream into the theoretical and practical process. While the former expounds on the facilities of online learning; computerized easing and personalized learning experiences, the latter resorts to DVDs, dish antenna, mobile technology and Internet.

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