Event management research paper

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Event management research paper

This page report is free to download. Here is what to expect: Keep reading to access the online comparison tables and filter down the products which match your exact event Event management research paper. Definition Event management software refers to any type of software used to promote, plan, execute and evaluate events.

It can be internal software that you can use to manage the event or external software that faces attendees at different stages of the event promotion, engagement or evaluation.

Traditionally event management software revolves around the event management project management, team communication, attendee management, speakers management, etc and registration. These have been the pillars of the evolution of Strategic Meetings Management software.

Lately, this definition has evolved including a new set of tools. From venue management software to event apps, from live engagement tools to feedback and survey tools. With 2, contacts and over 1, respondents.

Event management research paper

We asked specific questions that pertain to the event management software selection process. We are happy to release the results. You can access the research for publishing by applying here. While this is a shocking statistic compared to other industries, it signals a problem with the complexity of some of the platforms out there.

They constitute more of an issue than a solution. A spreadsheet will be the preferred solution in most instances, regardless of the complexity of the event. The Key Factors Influencing Event Management Software Decisions Support and features seem to dictate the decisions made by event planners in terms of software selection.

Analytics and overall value of that the platform offers follow suit.

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The Most Popular Forms of Event Management Software If we consider the whole spectrum of event management software and include all new types of software, it is clear how online event registration remains the most popular form of technology used in events. Email marketing tools are surprising on the rise, followed by another interesting newcomer in terms of popularity, survey tools.

All-in-one vs Different Solutions While most pundits profess the rise of all-in-one solutions, independent tools seem to win in the event industry. Planners managing complex portfolios with very different needs may struggle to adapt to one size fits all solutions for all of their event contracts.

Integration is the second reason. Therefore event management software has still a long way to go to show its true ROI.

If you are selecting software you may want to consider small increments, before assigning large chunks of budget to software.

Up to date tools tend to have faster traction. Some elements of previous questions are confirmed when it comes to company selection, namely support and cost. Event professionals need to keep tools within budget and to count on strong support networks that can show up when needed. Even if that is in person, on the day of the event.

If you would like a copy of this research for publishing you can request it here: You have also convinced your boss. Time to rock and roll. If you take, for example, event registration or event apps, there are hundreds of suppliers offering the exact same product at least on paper.Accelerating Global Knowledge Creation and Sharing.

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