How to write a music license agreement

Split Sheets are therefore an important tool to track musical collaborations among songwriters, artists, musicians, publishers and any other person or company that may be directly involved. Putting your intentions in writing Though not an absolute legal requirement, it is always wise to your business agreement intentions in writing to later avoid misunderstandings or disputes about who said what, and what part of a song you actually own when the time comes to share the various streams of sales, royalties and other forms of music licensing income which may result from your music co-writing projects. What the basic form includes The basic form includes the following items: Song title, date, project name followed by percentage of agreed and assigned splits which includes:

How to write a music license agreement

Music licensing in the United States is made possible by the protection that U.

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According to this article from the U. The copyright code of the United States title 17 of the U. Code provides for copyright protection in sound recordings. Sound recordings are defined in the law as "works that result from the fixation of a series of musical, spoken, or other sounds, but not including the sounds accompanying a motion picture or other audiovisual work.

Copyright in a sound recording protects the particular series of sounds "fixed" embodied in a recording against unauthorized reproduction and revision, unauthorized distribution of phonorecords containing those sounds, and certain unauthorized performances by means of a digital audio transmission.

So a sound recording is just that -- a recording of sounds. There are several things that can be copyrighted in any sound recording for a song. There are the actual sounds themselves -- the performance of the work.

There are the notes that the musicians play to create the song -- they could be embodied in sheet music. There are the lyrics for the song -- they can be written down on a sheet of paper.

According to the the U.

how to write a music license agreement

I record it onto a tape using an electronic keyboard: If I send the tape to the U. Technically, the registration process with the copyright office is not officially necessary in order for me to own the copyright.

I actually own the copyright as soon as I create the song and write it down.

how to write a music license agreement

However, to enforce the copyright in court, registration is required. Once I have the copyrights, I can sell rights to the song if I choose to, and I can also prevent anyone else from using the music, the lyrics or the actual performance of the song. I "own" the whole song and all the rights to it.

I can license the song in any way I choose.Legal Problems With Co-Writers. general strategy might be suitable if you are the type of writer who writes lyrics alone and then looks for appropriate music, or if you generally write music alone and then look for appropriate lyrics.

Some writers simply agree that no license or agreement of any kind can be issued regarding a song. Using a standard video production contract should be a normal part of your work flow with a client.

The video production contract should be discussed and signed before any work is started on the project. We’ve received many inquiries from production companies and/or independent cinematographers regarding a standard video production agreement and so Nimia Legal is providing this free template.

Music Recording Contract Template in Word

VENUE BOOKING AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is for the services of music and/or entertainment described below between the undersigned Artist(s) (includes accompanying musicians and/or entertainers as described below, hereinafter referred to as.

In consideration of the Licensor providing the license under clause 2 of this License Agreement, the Licensee agrees to pay Licensor the amount of the License Charge as specified in Item 9 .

Why To NOT Write Your Own License. By. This could hinder the license’s effectiveness by causing people to not treat it as a valid and serious agreement.

Imagine, for a moment, if this license had to deal with royalties on music recordings or mechanical rights. If you’re going to license your content, do so professionally. It is. Instead, use the global leader in independent music registration with a proven track record - - as tens of thousands of composers worldwide do.

How to Create a License Agreement: 7 Steps (with Pictures)