How to write a white paper for a drug

Format for the paper Edit your paper! A standard format is used for these articles, in which the author presents the research in an orderly, logical manner. This doesn't necessarily reflect the order in which you did or thought about the work.

How to write a white paper for a drug

This web page will give you information about the process and expectations of your paper. Writing Level You will write this at a level appropriate to give to a physician requesting the information.

Therefore, for the purposes of this exercise, assume that a physician has asked you the question and requested a written reply, i.

This means that you can and shoulduse highly technical words. Choosing a Topic Your topic will be written in the form of a question that the physician has asked you.

This question should be one sentence long, and should appear at the top of your paper after the heading "Question: The question must be related to a medication of some type this includes prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal products.

It also must include the disease state or condition for which the drug is being used. One type of question that makes an excellent topic for this kind of paper is asking about the effectiveness of a specific agent when used for a specific medical condition. There are many studies examining effectiveness of medications.

There are not as many studies examining adverse reactions to medications, drug interactions, or drug mechanisms, so these topics may not be ideal for this type of paper.

Examples of questions used by past students include: Does cinnamon help to lower blood sugar concentrations in patients with diabetes? How effective is beta-interferon 1B for treating multiple sclerosis? Does consumption of caffeine during pregnancy adversely affect the fetus?

Reference Sources You will need to use at a minimum three sources from the primary literature and three sources from the tertiary literature.

It is traditional and logical to use the tertiary literature when preparing your introduction, and primary literature when writing the body of your reply.

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Any of the resources noted in the tertiary resources lecture notes are reasonable candidates for additional references in the introduction. In order to locate primary literature for the body of your paper you will need to use PubMed and at least one other indexing secondary source EMBASE, IPA, Current Contents, Biosis, or Science Citation Index and you must indicate at the end of each reference which secondary source you used to locate that reference.

The primary literature you locate will be studies. A study is any kind of investigation. At least one of the studies must be a clinical trial. A clinical trial is a specific type of study, done specifically in humans, where investigators assign some subjects to a specific treatment and other subjects to a control such as a placebo or another drug.

Length and Style The finished paper should be pages in length and typed double-spaced in point font. It should contain an introduction that is at least two paragraphs in lengththe body of the paper including one paragraph for each study you reviewa summary or conclusion paragraph where you summarize the evidence, answer the question, and provide appropriate and specific recommendationsand your reference list.

Your paper should be written in third person language only. Avoid using emotion-evoking words. Keep your wording objective. Your conclusion should be evidence-based and should clearly answer the question.

One publication which contains articles very similar in format to the paper you will write is The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. There are some copies of this journal in the student lounge.

Drug information paper

Every edition of this pharmacy journal contains articles in a section called Drug Information Rounds. These articles are written in basically the same format as you are expected to use. Please look over the format and content as well as type of question used in these articles, if you would like to see an example.

Please do not use a cover sheet. Place your name at the top of the first sheet of your paper. Format your question as a query sentence, not as a title i.

how to write a white paper for a drug

Rough Drafts You will complete two rough semi-drafts. The first draft will be of the introduction alone. You will need to include references for the information - remember that these will be primarily tertiary resources, and that you need to consult at least one reputable pathophysiology reference and one drug reference see reference sources above if you have questions about what is considered "reputable".

Your introduction will be evaluated for how well it introduces the topic, how well it prepares your reader for the body of your paper, whether at least 3 tertiary references are used along with the proper reference format for those referenceshow smooth the writing flow is, your success in writing at the level of a physician, and whether your writing mechanics are acceptable.

The second rough draft will be a one-paragraph outline of the methods and the results in one of the studies you will include in the body of your paper.

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Drug Information Paper You will need to prepare a written drug information consult for a question of interest to you. This web page will give you information about the process and expectations of your paper.

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