Ideal palace

One day on his route he tripped over a stone, picked it up and was taken aback by its bizarre shape. From that day forward his year quest to build the Ideal Palace began. He started collecting stones of interest along his route in his pocket.

Ideal palace

After all, there is a multitude of rural communities Ideal palace hikers and nature lovers much closer to Lyon. The large parking lots along the river filled with tourist buses and cars with very diverse license plates are a first big clue.

The dimensions are not that large — m high, m wide, m high — but the overall shape seems distant from any reality. The Vercingetorix statue on the Palais Ideal. Ferdinand Cheval knew nothing about stonework and architecture rules when he started digging a hole in his vegetable garden in He was an introverted former baker turned local postman with a strong desire to fulfill a decade-old dream: Ferdinand Cheval became an expert by the time he finished his year daunting task, in The improvised mason collected tuff rocks, sandstones, black quartz, ball stones and others shaped like sponges or menhirs, and put them together through hand moldings using thousands of lime and cement bags.

Postman Cheval also spent a few years to build his own tomb He became an expert by the time he finished his year daunting task, in The tomb where we was actual buried can be seen in the local cemetery, a minute walk from the palace.

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As hard as it is to believe, being a postman was very helpful. Ferdinand Cheval observed the nature around him and paid a close attention to the mail he delivered. Visitors can go to the museum to see art pieces made by in-residence artists showcased during summer exhibitions including an anamorphosis from plastic artist Bernard Pras.

More information Open daily from 9:Inspiration then set in, as Cheval — who didn’t have a formal education beyond age 13 — took to crafting what he’d call Le Palais Ideal (“the Ideal Palace”), a castle of limestone, concrete, and wire.

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Zagan the motorhome has just escaped from the noise of building works at the aire in Hautrives (N, E), which is a shame because it was the perfect spot to visit the Ideal Palace by Postman Cheval (Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval). Cheval completed his Ideal Palace in his 70s.

He then opened it up to the public for all to enjoy. His wish was to buried in it but was refused permission and eventually set forth on his final project, building an equally complex and magnificent tomb.

Today, the ‘Palais Ideal’ is currently considered to be one of the most extraordinary examples of naive art architecture. Minister of Culture, Andre Malraux, declared the Palace a cultural landmark in , meaning that it was officially protected.

Mar 24,  · The French palace, Le Palais Idéal (“The Ideal Palace”), in Hauterives was built by a mail carrier out of the rocks he collected on his route over a year period.

Now, the landmark is a. Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace Unique in the world, the Ideal Palace has inspired artists for more than a century. Independent from any artistic trend, built with no architectural rules, the Ideal Palace has been admired by the Surrealists and is considered as an Outsider Art work.

Ideal palace
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