Is technology good or bad argumentative essay

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Is technology good or bad argumentative essay

I was wondering if my essay looks ok I do agree with this statement. Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to provide means of solution.

We "interact" with technologies on a daily basis. However some humans desire so much into technology that they disregard human lives and concerns with the environment.

They will do anything so long as the technology works to their favor, even if sacrifice was needed. Such actions are really infuriating to the world because technology should be assisting the humans and not making humans into becoming cruel in getting the hands of latest technology.

Technology has changed the way of humans to become unlawful and uncivilised. In military technology, modern weapons are made available and to a lesser cost.

The advance in technology might encourage more uncivillised assaults, piracy, illegal activity or causing unrest to the world. For example, North Korea recently has been massively upgrading their military technology. According to official North Korean media, military expenditures for amount to Their North Korea nuclear program has been constantly improving and many tests have been conducted over the years.

Technology can be deadly and powerful if they are not wisely used.

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Hence the main problem is the proper use of this knowledge. Technology has caused humans to become obsessed with perfection.

We are all more obsessed with our appearance than we like to admit. These experiments show we react more favourably to physically attractive people. Breast lift surgery has been favored by many females in the society nowadays to enhance their look.

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They are willing to take risks even though they are aware of the side effects. For example, breast implants may impede breast cancer detection. During mammography, X-ray, or ultrasound the implants could hide suspicious tumors or lesions.

Implants can also break or rupture, causing deflation. Technology has created humans to have an immense interest for a better standard of living. In this pursuit, people tend to overlook at the negative aspects. They do not mind using ways that could harm the environment.

The progress of the human race often comes with an immense cost. Progress basically results in pollution and exploitation of the earth which supports its inhabitants along with its limited resources. Moreover, our invention of new technologies actually has accelerated the contamination and exhaustion of the system.

The hazardous waste of nuclear power and plastic products are undegradeable. Technology has hence become pollution.

Is technology good or bad argumentative essay

For the time being, new technologies such as transportation vehicles are still progressing but signify depletion of our oil reserves. Scientists assumed that oils on our planet will be all used up in fifty years, and it will take hundreds of thousands of years to wait for future organisms to degrade and reform into petrol.

Although new technology can make our work earlier to some extent, when not comprehensively foreseen, the future of the human race will suffer in a famine of natural resources that are essential to life, and the severe instability of the ecosystem. To conclude, although modern technology brings us some goods benefits, it also gives a lot of bad results.

Many people live in horrible conditions and famine governments spend a lot of money on developing weapon industry. Is it the right way? Maybe the modern technology should either stop or prevent social disproportions. So, to make our world prosperous, we should use the modern technology in the good ways and find the effective solutions to the bad result.When it comes to writing an argumentative paper, turn to this article to find and select one of the most recommended ideas that every teacher will appreciate.

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