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Tuesday, February 28, Eric Schlosser's Kid Kustomers Eric Schlosser talks about the roles children play in advertising and presents his views in a factual type way to get you to agree and see his point. He talks about how Joe Camel could be recognized by nearly all six year old children. Yes, children are easy to target when it comes to advertising because they make up such a big part of the buying industry from food and clothes to toys but the reason children are targeted more now than 25 years ago is because of how society has changed. Children are into technology more so now than ever before.

Kid kustomer

Cohen ed Eric Schlosser talks about the social media and how it targets kids in their ads. Many working parents feel guilty about not having time to spend with their kids, so to make up for time loss the parents buys kids toys and other stuff.

Schlosser mentions the Joe Camel ad campaign, which used a hip cartoon character to sell cigarettes. This targeted a lot of kids and showed how easily it was for children to Kid kustomer influenced by the right corporate mascot.

By appealing to the kids, the kids will mostly nag to their parents to get what they want.

Kid kustomer

McNeal, A professor or marketing, wrote a book called Kids as Customers about how kids can get what they want. McNeal talks about how children have requesting styles and appeals and how kids have nagging tactics to get what they want. McNeal separates these tactics into seven categories, the pleading nags, the persistent nags, the forceful nags, the demonstrative nags, the sugarcoated nags, the threatening nags, and last, the pity nags.

Schlosser talks about how firms will do what they can to get the kids hooked on their ads. Such as using rounded soft creatures which targets six year olds. With the social media expanding along side with technology, it has become easier for kids to be targeted. Seeing how kids around the ages or knowing how to use phones and computers, they become targets for these ads.

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With some of the most popular sites, such as Facebook and Youtube having ads almost everywhere, kids are more tempted to click on it if it appeals to them.

The things they do and use to target kids with these ads are pretty smart. By doing so, they get their items sold which increases profit. I still like to think its wrong though. To target kids because they have a less developed brain and no critical thinking.Kid Kustomer “ Kid Kustomers ” No matter where children are or what they are doing they’ll always find some sort of advertisements.

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Kid kustomer

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Remarks by (2 Credits) Karate Kustomer — . Using KidKiosk has really made our lives easier here at camp. We check the kids in and out using our smart phones and never have to worry about not being there for a parent or a child whether they are dropping off on time or later in the day or with an early pick up.

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