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Do those words make you smile at the thought of family togetherness and long-last memories or cringe at the idea of fighting siblings and screaming babies on airplanes? It can be an experience with good and bad moments, but we have gathered some of your best tips and products from our Facebook page to make the trips a little more organized, and a lot more enjoyable. Recently, our family of 4 kids 5 and under, traveled cross country to Florida.

Alex Pineda 4 Comments Parents and children crowd around two large white tables where circuit boards, wires, laptops, tools, stickers and markers lay splayed across the surface. Four home-made robots, built over the course of the full day, also lay on the tables in anticipation for their presentation to the entire group.

One after another the teams present their robots, and each one is able to wow the crowd with unique functions, sounds, and plenty of attitude.

One robot sneezes when a child reaches too close to it, another frowns unless someone tickles her, another begins blinking her eyes in spectacular patterns.

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Which ever robot it was, there was something to impress and delight everyone present. We explore programming and multimedia, build robots, and take special field trips to local companies. We also offer neighbourhood coding clubs and family workshops. In Toronto, while volunteering at the Girls Learning Code March Break Camp, Gillians eyes opened up as to how rewarding solving these programming challenges were to the young girls.

Through the use of physical computing, a mixture of software and hardware engineering, Hello World Camp allows students to receive instant feed back from their hands on work.

mabel s labels write away program

As I write this, there are more than fifteen kids running around installing motors, wiring circuit boards, programming lights, and installing sensors; all here in one action packed day. Parents and children alike worked fearlessly towards accomplishing their goals! Today I witnessed a 9 year old girl battling with the wiring of her circuit board, upset with the motor as it would start vibrating unexpectedly, and then working feverishly to get it to behave as she so desired.

For this kind of reason Hello World Camp considers physical computing a prime medium for children to learn how to work with hardware and code in a challenging and rewarding way.

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With how engaged I saw the kids today I have to say that I fully agree. Best wishes to Gillian and her program over in Waterloo. We know that opportunities are building up and we are glad to share and be a part of them and we know how grateful Gillian can be.

mabel s labels write away program

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