My long journey to coming a virologist

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My long journey to coming a virologist

But finding compounds that accomplish that is a large problem for drug discovery, as the article shows. Pfizer published just such molecules several years ago, in a program that had gotten underway from a phenotypic screen.

Clock in the Mountain

That region is actually where the virus targets a particular human cell protein, CPSF6, that helps it home in on active parts of the genome, increasing its infectious success. Pfizer had also discovered some of those capsid-destabilizing molecules as well.

The Gilead team had been working on capsid-targeting compounds for several years themselves at that point, but without a lot of success. But as you can see, the compound has grown off in other directions as well, on its way to picomolar! It had better have the latter, since it has approximately as many fluorines on its surface as a nonstick frying pan.

And there lies another point of interest. Winston Tse, the Gilead chemist quoted, says that they were never thinking about the latter, actually.

A Long Journey to the Capsid | In the Pipeline

And even that field has competition of its own — read the article for more details. First, I like the fact that a molecule this large and hairy or something similar! Development of such molecules is definitely more challenging, but for some targets, nothing smaller may ever do the trick.

I doubt if even the Gilead scientists could furnish an accurate count of the number of near-extinction events the project survived over twelve years; you know there had to have been several.

The Pridgen Revolution? Dr. Pridgen on Bringing His Antiviral Approach to Fibromyalgia To Market

Keep in mind, though, that just keeping a project going for a dozen years is not the recipe for it to succeed — there are many less-celebrated examples out there that can prove that! That brings up the third point, the one I mentioned above: Twelve years is a long time.

They arrive to find the whole system has been long populated by Earth colonists after a faster-than-light drive was discovered.

Your competition, your patients, your pricing structure — all those things might be different by the time you arrive.

If you look up that story, prepare yourself for a real s SF experience.The Pridgen Revolution?

My long journey to coming a virologist

Almost three years ago, Dr. Pridgen threatened to turn the world of fibromyalgia treatment on its head. Few had connected fibromyalgia with viruses or even immune problems when Pridgen announced that a) FM is caused herpes simplex virus reactivation and b) that it .

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There is a Clock ringing deep inside a mountain. It is a huge Clock, hundreds of feet tall, designed to tick for 10, years. Every once in a while the bells of this buried Clock play a melody.

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