Philosophy exams essay

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Philosophy exams essay

You may prepare answers in advance, but no books or notes may be consulted during the exam. Exams will be judged on adequacy of explanation and argument as well as understanding of the readings for the course and the main issues discussed in the readings and in class.

Be sure to keep your comments relevant to the precise question s posed! Though you are encouraged to consult with other students in preparing for the exam, it is important that your essay display your own thinking, both in summarizing the material needed to answer the question and in going beyond the material, where requested, to defend your own views.

The point of the identifications, on the other hand, is just to identify the item in question in the sense that involves explaining what it is. This may sometimes be best accomplished by relating it to other notions; but you should try to keep your answer relatively brief and to-the-point. To what extent does he emphasize virtues of thought?

Does he give a reasonable argument for doing so? Explain which view seems preferable and why. Explain what Hobbes interprets the fool as saying and how Hobbes tries to respond. Is his response adequate?

Aristotle, Epictetus, and Hobbes all can be viewed as attempting to show how ethics is based on human reason or rationality. Explain the different roles each assigns to reason. Is adequate room left for "the passions" in ethics?Perhaps you've heard this story: Thirty students are waiting to write a final exam for a philosophy course on the Theory of Knowledge.

The professor enters the room, hands out blue books, picks up a chair, places it on top of a table, and says, "You are to write just one essay on this exam.

Philosophy exams essay

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