Research your favorite instrument on the

How to use the Internet to research the value of your antiques. A few new features in this edition equip and empower you to take your understanding of antiques and collectibles to new levels.

Research your favorite instrument on the

This will offer a gentle, warm sound as you play and give you a slower response. You can play either very soft or very loud. Closed Back The classic banjo had an open back, which quite literally means that the back side is not covered. Closed back banjos, as the name implies, have a covered back side are used more for bluegrass music.

They have a resonator and flange which project the sound out toward the audience, making the sound louder. Top 3 Best Beginner Banjo Reviews 1.

Deering Goodtime Banjo While the Deering Goodtime Banjo is rather pricy, you will be entering the world of banjo playing with a bang.

This fret maple neck banjo will give you a crisp, sharp sound as you play. The frets are precise, which ensures the correct intonation over the fingerboard, and the slim neck makes it comfortable for anyone to hold.

Jameson 5-String Geared 5th Tuner Banjo This Jameson closed back banjo for right-handed players features a slim neck and a powerful sound quality. It has a mahogany resonator with 7-ply maple and mahogany shell, a geared fifth tuner, 24 brackets and an adjustable hinged tailpiece.

Ideal in quality and price for your first banjo purchase.

Research your favorite instrument on the

A solid bluegrass banjo with removable resonator so you can play a little clawhammer or frailing style! Epiphone MB Banjo Epiphone makes another great entry-level closed back banjo for those just starting out. Unlike the first two, this is an open back banjo that offers you excellent sound for any old-time tunes.

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