The clanton gang essay

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The clanton gang essay

Firing the first shot was Tombstone. Then, mere months later, Wyatt Earp rode into movie theaters throughout North America. The decision was split among movie critics and audiences: Those who strongly preferred Tombstone and those who strongly maintained that Wyatt Earp was the superior product.

It had been quite some time since Hollywood had cranked out a big budget Western, much less two.

The clanton gang essay

The arrival of both these feature films was eagerly anticipated. What had once been among the most popular and durable of all film genres clearly needed a big boost. But there were significant differences as well — George P.

Only one of these scored a bulls-eye. Things really get interesting when old pal Holliday rides into town and joins the Earps as they do battle with a band of reprobates headed by the likes of Ike Clanton, Curly Bill Brocious and Johnny Ringo. Still, the primary focus is on Wyatt — the man, not the myth — and Kasdan is committed to delivering an epic life journey, as the minute running time attests.

The Defending Champion Tombstone had a rocky start. Screenwriter Kevin Jarre was slated to direct, but he was fired a week into principal photography and Rambo vet George P. Cosmatos was called upon to take over. What started out to be more of a character study like Wyatt Earp morphed into more of a traditional Western, with its focus on action rather than introspection.

In fact, as with our Challenger, the tone is set right away, in the opening scene, with the intimidating, always defiant Robert Mitchum delivering the opening narration. Of course, the climax comes with the famous shootout that has come to symbolize the raw edge, unpredictability and violent finality of the Western experience, an experience that continues to resonate within the American psyche.

The Scorecard Wyatt Earp aims high — very high. The buildup to the big gunfight is energetic and the execution is well staged. The movie says a lot about Wyatt Earp, portraying him as a civilized man who becomes a killer and a gifted lawman.

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Put another way, while epic in scope, is Wyatt Earp epic in depth? Tombstone, on the other hand, is clearly less ambitious, both in the scope of the underlying story and in budget — costing less than half of what was spent on Wyatt Earp.

But the cast, all-in-all, delivers equal to superior performances. On the other hand, Kilmer literally and figuratively kills with a fabulous, audience-pleasing performance that raises the bar for any future actor in this role.

When legend becomes fact, print the legend. After all, the single greatest achievement an actor can attain is to deliver a role that will live forever.Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple. Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like.

The Clanton Gang was a gang who only allowed American citizen from a pure Hispanic background. This did not leave any room for the illegal immigrant migrating from Mexico.

Although these youths were denied entry into the . Free Essay: In the middle and late part of the nineteenth century, the West was a harsh and dangerous place to live.

Bar fights and murders were being. The Legend Begins John Clanton was born about in London, Clandon Co. England. that several members of the notorious Clanton gang were involved in the killings. August 13, Ike Clanton was helping the Apache County Sheriff arrest a bunch of stage robbers up in the mountains, when he was shot through the shoulder.

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