The delima

Usage note The word dilemma combines di- a prefix meaning "two," with lemma, meaning "a proposition, theme, or subject. If we are forced to make a choice between two courses of action, or between doing something and not doing it, and if neither choice is a good one, we are in a dilemma in its primary sense—faced with a double bindcaught between Scylla and Charybdistrapped between a rock and a hard placeand truly on the horns of a dilemma. As we can see, the sense of dilemma that deals exclusively with two unpleasant alternatives is powerful enough to have engendered a good deal of descriptive language over the years.

The delima

She investigated the Davao death squads[12] Jovito Palparan[10] and the Maguindanao massacre. However, it would later be revealed that she was the first justice secretary to investigate the drug lords of New Bilibid Prison, running counter to the complaints filed against her. Despite this, her arrest was made concrete with the backing of Rodrigo Duterte.

On her The delima speech at Senate on August 2, she noted that "we cannot wage the war against drugs with blood He explained that he had received them from an unnamed foreign country. Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre called on convicted drug lords, former prison officials and police officers as prime witnesses against de Lima in the Congressional probe on illegal drug trafficking in the New Bilibid Prison.

The delima

In Decemberde Lima received praise from international human rights advocates and journalists for her criticism of Duterte's Drug War despite political repression against her. De Lima turned herself in the following morning of February She has also been referred to as a 'prisoner of conscience' by numerous international human rights organizations.

You are not The delima for what he does after you vote for him. You are, however, responsible for letting him get away with things like this with your silence.

By electing him, he has not bought your souls and conscience—on the contrary, he now owes you his accountability. The same tactic was used by the same secretary against de Lima, which led to her arrest.

In Novemberde Lima was awarded the Prize for Freedom by Liberal International, becoming the second Filipino to receive the prestigious award after Corazon Aquino.

The delima

In the same month, de Lima criticized Duterte for his pivot to China, citing what happened in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cambodia, where those countries were put by China in a debt trap after accepting Chinese loans, leading to China's economic control on those countries.

Sereno is the first woman to hold the position. No cases were charged against Aguirre, as he was Duterte's 'fraternity brother'. The book contained various accounts from different personalities giving their views of and conversations with de Lima while she is in prison. Calida was one of the personalities that spearheaded de Lima's arrest.

De Lima, however, added that Arroyo's rise to power via unconstitutional means has led to the rise of the country's 'true minority'. She is against the brutal ways propelled by the deadly Philippine Drug War. Her position and investigation on the war irked Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte and led to her imprisonment through trumped-up charges with no concrete evidences.

She also stated that she aims to spearhead a law that would give free education, especially to the children of farmers. De Lima supported the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act in the Senate, despite not being able to vote for it as she was imprisoned and barred by the Duterte administration.

She is also in favor of the Paris Agreementespecially since the Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world when it comes to climate change.

In the disputes of the Philippines with China, specifically the West Philippine Sea, she believes that the best tactic of the Philippines is through the international courts and diplomacy and to push the Hague tribunal ruling as it favors the Philippines.

For the Philippine Rise issue, De Lima reiterates that the territory is within Philippine jurisdiction as it was handed down by an international court to the Philippines back in She defended the constitutionality of the Bangsamoro Basic Law against anti-Muslim personalities.

On February 23, the e-book was officially launched in the Quezon city office of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights. The e-book contained all the statements and letters written by de Lima since she was detained in February 24, It also contained statements from her supporters from various local and international organizations and personalities.

The book contained various accounts from different personalities giving their views of and conversations with de Lima during her incarceration.Delima Express Ver User ID: Password: Please enter the 6 digit code shown on the left.

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