The seriousness of the issue of deforestation

The beef moratorium created a supply chain through which ranchers were pressured to end deforestation. In Brief Over the past nine years, the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has dropped by 70 percent. This success has been achieved despite high beef and soy prices, which in previous years had pushed deforestation upward, and during a time that Brazil had rapid economic growth and made important progress in reducing poverty, hunger, and inequality.

The seriousness of the issue of deforestation

Armenia Tree project is a non-profit organization which is specialized in environmental issues in Armenia, mainly solving the deforestation problems by introducing various tree planting programs. Advertisement Deforestation problem is one of the major problems in Armeniaafter s.

The Work Done by Armenia Tree Project Deserves Appreciation!

After the collapse of Soviet Union, Armenia appeared in a total blockade and no gas, fuel, or electricity was accessible. So, huge deforestation wave started and continued within a few years. Even though Armenia overcame the blockade, today there is an urgent need to recover the damage.

The input of Armenia Tree Project in improving green area of Armenia is undeniable, so here are some details about this organization and the great job they do! Advertisement What is Armenia Tree Project? Official website Check out the official website, where you can also make donations.

The mission of this organization is to solve deforestation problems in Armenia. Unfortunately, deforestation issue is a huge problem in Armenia. Forest areas in Armenia have appeared in a poor condition especially after s. It was a period of Nagorno-Karabakh war, when Armenia was in a condition of blockade without electricity and other resources.

The seriousness of the issue of deforestation

Being a non-profit organization Armenia Tree Project is seeking for support in tree planting projects to make Armenia full of green area as it was once.

Armenia Tree Project has a rather long and fertile history. It was founded inwhen Armenia was in a terrible condition from the view of number of deforestation. The founder of Armenia Tree project, Carolyn Mugar planted her first tree in Yerevan inwith the hope to start a new era of greener and environmentally healthier Armenia.

Since that 18 years have passed, and the organization stayed true to its principals. Armenian tree project has planted about 5 million trees during its existence. However Armenian Tree Project never stops on their achievements. If you get engaged in their activity more closely you will know that they are constantly organizing newer and fresher ideas and tree planting projects.

Besides tree planting project Armenian tree project is also engaged in providing proper environmental education to Armenian Society. This will help people to be more aware of the deforestation problems in Armenia, and undertake some steps for improving it.

Unfortunately, even today Armenia is under the danger of mass desertification. Every year thousands of trees are cut for the selfish purposes of different people or companies. The current rate of deforestation problem is ranked very high. If we compare the area of forests before s and today, the difference is immense.

As the process of deforestation continues till now, in 20 years the forests are likely to fully disappear in Armenia!Jun 14,  · Deforestation is a global issue affecting all of us. It is important to inform people about this issue so that people can understand seriousness of the problem.

The normal deforestation rate in Honduras was 20 square kilometers per year, but as the drug trafficking problem has become more seriousness, the deforestation rate has rose to 60 square kilometers per year.

For decades, the issue of deforestation had been seen in Brazil in terms of national sovereignty—as something raised by foreign NGOs pressuring to save Amazon forests even at the cost of Brazilians’ right to economic development.

Armenia Tree project is a non-profit organization which is specialized in environmental issues in Armenia, mainly solving the deforestation problems by introducing various tree planting programs. As people are recognizing the seriousness of the issue, many are trying their best to help by keeping their own beehives, which is a surprisingly simple, but very effective, task to carry out.

Not only will it help declining bee populations, it will also mean that you can produce your own organic honey for your personal consumption. Deforestation ~ Environmental Issue. Deforestation is occurring all over the world, with all types of forests, and is one of the top environmental issues today.

What Is Deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing of land to convert it to non-forest uses (such as pasture, crop land, or commercial development). Deforestation can include rain.

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