The stranger ch 1 2 questions

He had turned on the power to his antigrav unit for it's first full blown test and had been severely disappointed when it failed to affect the weight of his test load.

The stranger ch 1 2 questions

NEXT "Maman died today. The narrator, who is fifty miles from Marengo, in Algiers, arranges time off from his employer to attend the funeral.

He borrows a black tie and arm band from his friend Emmanuel, whose uncle died a few months back. Finally, he runs to catch the bus to take him to the funeral fifty miles away. It is summer, and very hot. The ride is bumpy; it smells like gasoline; it is really bright out. Someone tries to make conversation, but our narrator, of course, is not interested in other warm-blooded creatures.

He walks the 1. We can now call our narrator "Meursault. Meursault agrees, but seems appears unconcerned and, quite possibly, detached. Meursault reminisces about the boredom and contempt his mother displayed back when she did stay with him.

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He reveals that she got used to staying at the home, and then he got to the point where only visited her a few times a year. The caretaker comes by and offers to unscrew the casket so Meursault can see his mother.

The stranger ch 1 2 questions

Meursault declines, though unable to articulate his reasons. The caretaker says he understands. The mortuary is filled with "beautiful late-afternoon sunlight," which of course means Meursault is ready for another nap. The caretaker and Meursault chat, with the former telling the latter about his life and role at the home.

The caretaker an elderly man himself says he entered the home as a resident, but since he was relatively healthy compared to everyone else, he ended up working instead.

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He opts for coffee instead, and hesitates to smoke in the presence of his dead mother. Yet he manages to put his doubts aside and light up.

The stranger ch 1 2 questions

Meursault and the caretaker smoke next to the casket. And neither should oddly insensitive Meursault.

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The light is bright in the little mortuary, where the vigil is to be held. Thankfully for him, coffee and sleeping follow. Meursault awakens at dawn.Jennie-O recalls 91K lbs of ground turkey that may have salmonella.

Public health and safety officials are working to track down what made people sick in 34 states. Jul 19,  · The Stranger by Albert Camus is quite short, and I think we’ll have a great discussion on Wednesday (July 21!

that in two days) about it. I may have slightly different questions on Wednesday night. I may have slightly different questions on . The Stranger Lesson Plans and Activities to help you teach Albert Camus's work.

eNotes Lesson Plans are written, tested, and approved by teachers. Part 2, Chapter 1: Questions and Answers. Leviticus 23 To listen and read click the version, KJV or NIV, then the sound symbol & wait about 30 sec.

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And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim . About “The Stranger (Part 1, Chapter 1)” The Stranger, though rebuffed as not so by the author, 2. The Stranger (Part 1, Chapter 2) 3. The Stranger (Part 1, Chapter 3).

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