Value education research paper

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Value education research paper

As society continues to become more and more culturally diverse, classrooms are becoming more and more diverse with students from various backgrounds. Hofstede believes the five cultural dimensions can address these changes in society at large, but particularly in the classroom Hofstede, The first cultural dimension discussed by Hofstede is Power Distance.

Value education research paper

Power distance refers to "the extent to which [people] expect and accept that power is distributed unequally" p. In other words, people generally accept hierarchy as the appropriate way to govern society. So in the societies where this is the case for education, teachers receive the utmost respect and students and parents rarely question or disagree with teachers.

The second dimension is Uncertainty Avoidance. Hofstede defines this dimension as: This dimension deals with the desire people have to consistently have clear rules of conduct in every situation. As for conduct in the classroom, children are expected to obey their teachers.

As for the education system overall, obtaining and understanding the facts should be the primary concern.

In cultures where uncertainty avoidance carries a low tolerance, education is understood as a voyage of discovery with the unknowns not necessarily looked upon as threatening.

A third dimension is Individualism vs. Hofstede suggests an understanding of collectivism can help address how classrooms are becoming more and more culturally diverse. In collectivist cultures, people identify themselves as part of a group such as a clan, caste or ethnic group.

Some individuals place priority on their personal identity first, and belong to other groups by choice. From an educational standpoint, teachers in collectivist cultures address questions to the class as a whole, or in small groups of children rather than singling out individual students.

The praises and rewards teachers give go to the group as a whole rather than an individual. According to Hofstedethe masculinity vs.

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As for teachers in masculine societies, the best students are praised much more than any other students. On the other hand, school failure does not receive such great attention in more feminine societies, including Canada, and the weaker students are praised more by teachers to give them encouragement.

Lastly, the Long Term Orientation focuses on planning and saving for the future. Hofstede explains that this dimension suggests that cultures with a high Long Term Orientation are very frugal and encourage their children to work hard in school. Ultimately, if teachers in multicultural classrooms understand the five cultural value dimensions and also understand what diverse students value the most, they may find new ways to look at their students, ultimately learn from them, and understand how to better serve them.

Overall Impact on Education Because students come to school from many different cultural frames of reference Crothers,learning in a majority classroom, with mainstream cultural values as an emphasis, can be difficult for minority students.

Villegas explains that White children typically have an advantage in the classroom over minority children because the curriculum and classroom culture is typically designed to be an extension of their home and community culture.

Cultural Mismatch Hollins and Oliver call this phenomenon a cultural mismatch. A cultural mismatch occurs when the culture of the learning environment is different from that of the home culture of the child, and learning is adversely affected.

Academic achievement for the out-group minority students is compromised by the relationship between the home and school culture. For the in-group, in this case the White students, academic achievement flourishes.

Cummins and Entwistle explain that this situation is even more prevalent for adolescent minority students. Studies find that by age eight, enthusiasm for learning and self confidence in the ability to learn could be significantly negatively affected due to the cultural mismatch between their school and home cultural The entire section is 3, words.In this discussion paper the often uneasy relationship between fundamental or basic and applied research is examined, with a particular focus on the central role that some governments play in shifting the balance back and forth between the two.

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