What is outdoor education

The OEC in the spring Each year, our Grades students and various high school students as well have the opportunity to enjoy a four-day visit to our Outdoor Education Centre. Located on acres of land near Gravenhurst, in the heart of Muskoka. The property hosts a variety of habitats, including lakefront, field, stream, marshland, old growth forest and Canadian Shield. The cost of the trip is included in the annual tuition.

What is outdoor education

Psychoevolutionary theory and the Biophilia hypothesis Around the world[ edit ] Outdoor education occurs, in one form or another, in most if not all countries of the world.

However, it can be implemented very differently, depending on the cultural context. Some countries, for example, view outdoor education as synonymous with environmental educationwhilst other countries treat outdoor education and environmental education as distinct. For more information, see Outdoor education around the world Wikibooks.

The English Outdoor Council, an umbrella body, defines outdoor education as a way for students and teachers to be fully engaged in a lesson, all the while embracing the outdoors.

Once teachers have completed their schooling, many have opportunities to work at various outdoor education centres in either country. The Australian outdoor council has developed curriculum documents to ensure schools are partaking in outdoor education throughout the country.

Environmental education, most notably outdoor education in Canada is seen through outdoor camp and residential programs, school-based programs and commercial travel operations. Outdoor education in Canada is based around "hard" technical skills—often travel and camping skills—and the "soft"—group skills and personal growth qualities—are blended with, one might say, the "green" and "warm" skills of a complementary eco-adventure focus.

Many schools and after-school programs such as The YMCA camps lean towards outdoor education, especially during the summer months. Denmark is known as one of the more environmentally conscious countries in the developed world.

One of the ways in which this presents itself, is through the forest school system that exists there. Children are taught in the woods using nature and animals to learn about basic environmental education as well as the fundamental elementary education that is required. Students are encouraged to pursue a sustainable lifestyle, to take action for sustainable development, and to examine the challenges of SD [17].

Some vocational institutes offer secondary lever degree in Nature and Environmental Studies focusing mainly to tourism and experience industries.

Annually 20 students are taken in to the programme. In addition Humak University of Applied Sciences offers updating education for teachers and persons active in adventure sports in their Open University of Applied Sciences [20].

The first latin country member of this network. In was founded two bodies: FromAlain Kerjean developes Outdoor Education for universities in Romania and advises in France training organizations wishing to design programs based on this pedagogy.

His books and articles make available Anglo-Saxon researchs and publications on the subject to the French public. However, hard evidence showing that outdoor education has a demonstrable long-term effect on behaviour or educational achievement is harder to identify; this may be in part because of the difficulty involved in conducting studies which separate out the effects of outdoor education on meaningful outcomes.

A major meta-analysis of 97 empirical studies indicated a positive overall effect of adventure education programs on outcomes such as self-concept, leadership, and communication skills.

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The largest empirical study of the effects of outdoor education programs mostly Outward Bound programs found small-moderate short-term positive impacts on a diverse range of generic life skills, with the strongest outcomes for longer, expedition-based programs with motivated young adults, and partial long-term retention of these gains.

In a paper entitled "The Generative Paradigm", [24] Loynes has also called for an increase in "creativity, spontaneity and vitality". Outdoor education has been found more beneficial to those students who find classroom learning more challenging[ citation needed ]. Their work aims to support the notion that the more natural outdoor spaces in which child-initiated activities take place both directly and indirectly diminish the perception of underachievement.

This is important because a number of studies have shown that expectations based on perception of students is important for student learning. This may also be due to a non-academic family background, a personal psychological trait such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorderor because they are boys.

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The focus was on raising the critical thinking skills of the students as a measure of improvement, where critical thinking was defined to be, "the process of purposeful self-regulatory judgment and decision making".

The problem solving capabilities included the ability of students to interpret, to analyze, to evaluate, to infer, to explain and to self-regulate. Researchers found that both 9th and 12th graders scored higher than the control groups in critical thinking by a significant amount.LEAD OTHERS.

JOIN US. AORE is the premier organization dedicated to serving the needs of outdoor recreation and education professionals. AORE members . The Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program is known for its exceptional quality and affordability.

What is outdoor education

Our Program comprises a variety of Environmental Science classes, Challenges Course activities, Team Building Initiative classes, beach field trips, night hikes, and camp fire/skit nights (all selected classes and field trips are included in the rate).

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National Archery in the Schools (NASP) The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a nationally acclaimed program that provides training and certification for teachers to teach target-style basic archery instruction in their school gymnasium using the NASP school archery kit.

Outdoor Education Ireland is the national network of Outdoor Education Centre's under the patronage of Education and Training r-bridal.com oec centres offer activity and outdoor programmes for Transition Year students, Leaving Certificate Applied students, Leaving Certificate Biology students, Youth Reach Trainees in the outdoor classroom.

Outdoor education usually refers to organized learning that takes place in the r-bridal.comr education programs sometimes involve residential or journey wilderness-based experiences in which students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, ropes courses and group r-bridal.comr education draws upon the philosophy, .

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